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This Copper/Compression Sleeve is designed to provide compression and support to your muscles and joints. Copper Fusion Compression is a technology that utilizes a high-grade copper Fusion fabric. The heat generated from wearing our sleeve/gloves helps keep muscles and joints warm. Without limiting range-in-motion, our sleeves/gloves offer compression that helps provide support by minimizing potential swelling.



  • High Performance, comfortable compression sleeves that reinforce high movement areas like knees and elbows for all day wear to support performance and shorten recovery
  • Provides Compression, but does not limit range-of-motion: Stabilized support designed to support blood circulation for training, competitions and everyday activities
  • Premium Quality: Durable and Breathable Copper Infused Material that wicks away pooling sweat for peak performance
  • Form-Fitting (multiples sizes S-XL)
  • Anti-Odor
  • Maintains Body Temperature
  • Helps support blood and lymphatic flow
  • Copper is Anti-Bacterial and anti-microbial - Eliminates the Growth of Odor Causing Bacteria
  • Increase support, without sacrificing activity and lifestyle or limiting range-of-motion
  • Designed to Provide Compression to Muscles and Joints
  • The CFC fabric works to shield the body from moisture, creating a better balance and flow while also eliminating odor.
  • 24 hour use
  • Class 1 Medical Device
  • Material Content: 85% Nylon Copper, 10% Spandex, 5% Latex
  • Care Instructions: NOT machine washable Do NOT iron
  • Country of Origin: China

Copper Fusion Compression™ Fabrication:

  • High-grade copper fusion fabric
  • Delivers graduated pressure to help support blood and lymphatic flow
  • Helps improve performance and speed up recovery
  • Copper helps reduce microbes once it interacts with oxygen
  • Antimicrobial properties

Disclaimer: Keep out of reach of children under the age of eighteen (18) at all times. Do not allow the child to place this item in his/her mouth at any time. No child or minor should ever be left unattended with this item as small parts may become loose and pose a choking hazard. This product is NOT guaranteed as a prevention or treatment for any disease or medical condition. Use only as directed. Misuse may result in sickness or death. Always carefully review instructions for use. Consult your doctor or physician for any medical questions you may have.

About the Collection
Medic Therapeutics offers a comprehensive line of wellness products. All of our products emphasize high-quality standards designed for Staying Healthy & Living Well.

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