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Stuhrling Prestige

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About the Collection:
Finely crafted Stührling Prestige timepieces are produced with meticulous attention to detail that speaks to a man's commitment to his own personal sense of style. The Swiss-made watches of Stührling Prestige are unmistakable symbols of excellence, luxury and achievement.

Attesting to the fine art of Swiss watch making, many Prestige watches feature rare Valjoux chronographs, three-hand automatic and automatic dual time movements, quartz Krysterna or sapphire crystals and other high-end features. Discover Stührling Prestige today and appreciate the rich history of wearing a high-quality timepiece born from a centuries-old tradition of excellence.

About the Collection:
On-air guest and Stührling Prestige national sales rep Justin Zimmer believes that the tradition and heritage of watch making is more than mere folklore; it's something real, sacred and honorable in a world that increasingly values speed and quantity over quality.

Some things can't be rushed. Like the careful and thoughtful construction of a fine Swiss timepiece. Join Justin and see how Stührling Prestige delightfully practices and preserves the meticulous craftsmanship and time-honored methods of the masters.

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Stührling Prestige Watches

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a timepiece that exudes the same level of confidence and quality as a Stührling Prestige watch. With some of the best Swiss-made products available in their price range, each Stührling Prestige quartz wristwatch is carefully crafted and water resistant for low-maintenance wear. Choose from an array of styles and sizes for both men and women for the specific design that fits your budget and taste. Order online with ShopHQ for Stührling Prestige timepieces with sharp style and a two-year warranty.