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Revel in the heritage of Ingersoll - America’s original watch brand. One of the oldest watch manufacturers in the country, Ingersoll was founded in 1892 by Robert and Charles Ingersoll. Inspired by Henry Ford’s assembly line, the Ingersoll brothers succeeded in developing an automatic production of watches. With high quality and precision in mind, the two created the so-called “Dollar-Watch” (a watch that only cost a dollar), producing about one million total watches. Later, they were the first brand to develop a watch with a luminous dial, and in 1933 became the first company to create the iconic Mickey Mouse watch. Today, the brand carries on its tradition of quality and commitment to design, offering a range of automatic and quartz watches for discerning collectors.
Sale Price $63.45 - $66.21
ShopHQ Price: $460.00 - $480.00
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or 6 ValuePay : $10.58 - $11.04
Sale Price $39.99
ShopHQ Price: $650.00
Save: $610.01 (94% off)
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