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About the Collection
Experience ultimate luxury with Galerie de Bijoux, an exclusive collection of jewelry from designer Sonia Bitton. Designed using lustrous precious metals, the world’s finest precious gemstones and diamonds handpicked for their clarity, each piece is created for those with the most discerning taste. Treat yourself to true beauty with Sonia Bitton’s most exquisite jewelry collection, Galerie de Bijoux.

Sonia BittonAbout the Guest
Sonia Bitton, an EVINE Live favorite for years, is a New York-based designer who consistently brings fashion-forward vision, unique design and a personal touch to all of her jewelry creations. Sonia has a passion for all things jewelry, and her world travels and proud French heritage serve as inspiration behind the designs that have earned Sonia a legion of loyal fans.

Galerie de Bijoux at Evine - Sonia Bitton Galerie de Bijoux® 14K Gold 1.05ctw Diamond Flower Flex Ring - 146-999, Sonia Bitton Galerie de Bijoux® 14K Gold Diamond Flex Stack Ring - 167-005
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Galerie de Bijoux Jewelry

Evine's accessories fill the niche where glamour and accessibility intersect, gifting women of all ages and personal preferences with luxurious yet approachable pieces. Supported by a diverse roster of brands and collections, our customers have access to exquisite fashions by boutique and artisanal jewelry designers, including longtime fan favorite Sonia Bitton. Once a successful designer and manager for some of the industry's most discernible jewelry houses, Bitton has translated her skillset and expertise into the creation and organization of her very own line, Galerie de Bijoux, available exclusively at Evine.

This New York-based designer receives inspiration for her creations from the real women she interacts with in her daily life, and not from those featured in magazines. Her career has brought her to fashion centers across the globe, and her Parisian upbringing and worldly travels play a huge role in inspiring the couture and cutting-edge designs featured in the Galerie de Bijoux jewelry collection. Sonia Bitton strives to deliver trend-setting pieces to the everyday woman that gracefully combines her French heritage with contemporary materials and unique aesthetics.

When perusing Evine's collection of Sonia B's jewelry designs, you will notice immaculate attention to detail within each jewelry piece. Every accessory employs 14k and 18k silver or yellow gold for a pristine luster, matched with the breathtaking sparkle of precious gemstones like sapphire, tourmaline, topaz, and more. Who says it's hard to stay ahead of the fashion curve? Galerie de Bijoux jewelry is the only accessory you need to create a conversation-starting ensemble. With a sharp eye for ready-to-wear trends, Sonia Bitton delivers elite, one-of-a-kind pieces that range from elegant and formal to bold and whimsical. There is, undoubtedly, a piece within the luxurious Galerie de Bijoux jewelry collection here sure to tickle every woman's fancy!

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