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Thomas Kinkade

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About the Collection
Known as The Painter of Light™, Thomas Kinkade became recognized as America's most collected living artist. Reflecting his modest background, Kinkade painted bucolic scenes with themes of simple pleasures and inspiring messages. With each brushstroke, Thom eloquently captured the beauty in the world with an instantly recognizable use of color and light.

As a devout Christian, Kinkade used his gift as a vehicle to communicate and spread inherent life-affirming values. Kinkade credited the Lord for both the ability and the inspiration to create his paintings. His goal as an artist was to touch people of all faiths, to bring peace, and joy into their lives through the images he created. The letters he received every day testify to the fact that he had achieved this goal.

As an Authorized Thomas Kinkade gallery, EVINE Live is proud to pay tribute with limited editions, framed art, canvas prints and other licensed products. Capture the beauty and tranquility of one the most widely collected artists in the world and display one of his masterpieces in your own home.

Patrick KinkadeAbout the Guest
With more than 25 years of experience in the art business, Thomas’ younger brother Patrick divides his time as a professor at Texas Christian University (TCU), and as an active member of the management team at Thomas Kinkade Company.  A previous gallery owner and author of several books on Thomas Kinkade’s travels, Patrick speaks regularly on Thomas Kinkade and his evolution as an artist. He is also actively involved in coordinating the Heritage tour and main events at Thomas Kinkade Galleries. Join Patrick for his first hand insight, as a brother and as an expert on the “Painter of Light.”

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Thomas Kinkade Paintings, Prints & Collectibles

One of America’s most collected artists has found his home at ShopHQ. We’re proud to present more than 50 iconic paintings, prints and collectibles from Thomas Kinkade. Add beauty and brightness to your home with Kinkade’s distinct style and vibrantly detailed aesthetic, guaranteed to ignite your imagination. From Disney-themed gallery wraps to modern oil portraits of tradesmen and nature’s innate beauty, the diverse subject matter of his work appeals to a wide audience of art lovers. Explore the signature ShopHQ Kinkade collection today.