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About the Collection
Make your house a home with Cozelle® - cozy essentials for your home. Featuring a full line of home products, Cozelle is the foundation for effortless style and comfort in every room in your home.

Cozelle offers exclusive, easy care bed & bath linens, including sheets, mattress pads, comforters and towels. In addition, the collection also offers furniture, including inflatable air beds. Become enveloped in comfort and discover effortless style and care with Cozelle.

Laura DuffekAbout the Guest
For over two decades, Laura Duffek has been a familiar personality. Seen on networks across the globe, Laura has more than 20,000 hours of live television experience and has represented some of the world's most recognized brands.
As the official brand ambassador for Cozelle Laura enjoys the opportunity to connect with customers and share her insights on how to make homes cozy, comfortable and fashionable. Always explaining product features in an entertaining way, customers delight in each bath, bedding and home accessory presentation.

When it comes to decorating, Laura's philosophy is that "it's your house, you get to do what you want!” 

Explaining her philosophy further, Laura says “I've always felt strongly that I can suggest decorating ideas, but, at the end of the day, it's your own style that makes your home special. It's not always about what's trendy or proper decorating - it's about creating a home that tells your story, filled with the items you love!”
Explore the world of Cozelle with Laura and experience a fun and informative way to shop for all of your home essentials. Unsure which towels, bedding or decorative items work best for your home? Laura will guide you through the fabrics and patterns so you can make the best selection. 

Become enveloped in comfort and discover effortless style with Laura Duffek and Cozelle.

Cozelle Sheets & Bedding

Welcome to your one-stop shop for fabulous and affordable textiles, where we offer Cozelle sheets, comforters, towels, furniture protectors, mattress pads, and more! With ShopHQ’s exclusive brand of Cozelle bedding and home essentials, your search for a quality line of bedspreads is over. Bed and bath linens are a definitive sign of hospitality in any home. Put your best foot forward when welcoming family, friends, and guests alike with plush and stylish Cozelle products, available at budget-friendly prices.

Cozelle bedding and other basics make it effortlessly easy to style and spruce up your living quarters. Peruse our selection of home décor products today and you’ll find your senses delighted by the rich colors, luxurious materials, and eye-catching prints offered online. From blankets to microfiber and microplush sheets, Cozelle styles to the merchandise to appear fresh, elegant, and inviting. Choose from easy-to-match solid colored towels and sheet sets, trendy throws featuring a flourish of glitter, and approachable bedding necessities embellished with classic prints. There is a wide variety of Cozelle products available to match your room’s present aesthetic, or you can also easily find inspiration while perusing our elite selection to create a brand new theme for your space. The colors and prints offered make all stages of accessorizing easy!

When you shop online with ShopHQ, select from Cozelle’s single product offerings or a full sheet set to complete your bedding. These options come with everything from flat and fitted sheets to pillowcases and comforters. It is easy not only to coordinate various blankets and linens, but also to clean and care for them, making the job of hosting visitors and guests a breeze. Cozelle gives you the necessary tools to create a home that tells your story, while emulating all of the softness and warmth of family.