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Arlo is dedicated to one simple yet fundamental need we all share: to protect and connect with the people and places we love. Whether it’s our kids, our pets, our grandparents, our packages, our neighborhoods, our schools or our shops, we can’t be everywhere we want to be at the same time. Arlo makes it all amazingly simple to keep an eye on everything we love and be there when we can’t. Beyond just security, Arlo is focused on creating beautifully designed products and services that intelligently work together to make your life more enjoyable, more connected, and more easily managed from wherever you might be at the moment. So you don’t miss any of life’s little moments, big and small.

Arlo Protect & Connect

Anne TarrantAbout the Guest
Elliot Smith has been introducing people to electronics on television for more than 20 years. He believes that learning about new technology products should be as fun as it is informative. For Elliot, the chance to discover great new products with people watching all over the country is a privilege and a thrill. When he’s not on-air Elliot is probably tinkering with his own gadgets at home. He's a huge sports fan and spends most Sundays in the fall watching football with his wife, daughter and pets.