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Tory Burch

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Tory Burch

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About the Collection
A vintage tunic from a Paris flea market. Interior designer David Hicks' graphic style. American sportswear. A television commercial encouraging you to be bold and follow your dreams. The Tory Burch story could begin at any number of starting points. But delve deep and it really all goes back to her parents, Buddy and Reva Robinson, and a childhood in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Tory grew up a tomboy, climbing trees and playing in the backyard with her three brothers. Her parents were consummate entertainers, serving lunches on the poolside porch, all fretwork and white lattice, and always with fresh flowers on the table. Then there were their travels: Marrakech, Athens, Capri and more.

Tory Burch
The elegance of sport

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