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Raw Spirit

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About the Collection
Experience unique ingredients used by some of the world's oldest cultures with Raw Spirit Fragrances. Inspired by the energy and spirit of nature, Raw Spirit celebrates humanity's cultural connection to nature. Go on an exhilarating global journey with intoxicating scents that evoke the Australian desert, the shores of Bali and the Florida Everglades. Raw Spirit is about unleashing your inner energy, inviting you to unlock your own raw spirit.
Raw Spirit is about so much more than smelling great. The brand is dedicated to preserving ancient cultures across the globe and honoring those communities. They are inspired by indigenous communities across Western Australia, Bali and North America, with unique ingredients sources from those locations. By choosing Raw Spirit, you are revealing your own raw spirit with every spritz. 

Raw Spirit Fragrances
Luxury scents inspired by the spirit of nature

Joyce LaniganAbout the Guest
Joyce Lanigan is the CEO, scent designer and co-founder for Raw Spirit Fragrances. Born in Dublin, Ireland, her career path took her form banking to technology to oil and gas and eventually to law. She felt that her work lacked something: creativity. After a chance encounter with an internationally renowned fashion photographer Russell James, the two took on an art project that involved creative collaborations with indigenous artists across the world. One of their friends, an indigenous Australian artist and performer Richard Walley, introduced Joyce to the rich world of Western Australia and the scents used by his community. Another chance meeting brought Joyce to the world of French perfumery. From there, Raw Spirit was born.

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