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About the Collection
Foligain is dedicated to providing truly innovative high-performance hair care formulas. Designed with purity and potency, the advanced science and technology behind FOLIGAIN® products supports our customers’ hair care goals by providing consistently reliable and visible results.

FOLIGAIN® contains Trioxidil™, a triple action hair health complex developed by their team of hair care experts, with bioactive ingredients clinically shown to help revitalize the look hair and scalp health.

FOLIGAIN® products are produced using some of the highest standards, batch release testing, stability storage and production processes, ensuring the quality products on the market.

ShopHQ Price $45.00 - $90.00
or 6 ValuePay : $7.50 - $15.00
ShopHQ Price $20.00
or 6 ValuePay : $3.33
ShopHQ Price $40.00 - $100.00
or 6 ValuePay : $6.67 - $16.67