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Opera Silver Dust is part of the "Squaring the circle" collection, whose fulcrum is the square design of the pens, a pure demonstrator with all the internal components visible so as to make the "double reservoir power filler" perfectly visible.


  • Smartouch tube nib: After a long period of testing the Visconti writing collection is enriched with a new writing device, the Smartouch tubular nib. Its particular shape is turned by a capillarity tube in Chrome 18 that wraps precisely the feed and allows to fill the ink without the need to immerse the entire section in the ink, an unavoidable operation required by all fountain pens on the market. In this way the filling is easy and clean and is possible even with a low level of ink in the bottle. The problems of staining the section during filling and the way to fill it in case of low ink level are finally solved.
  • Snorkel filler: Together with the new nib we have invented an interesting device to avoid dipping the nib into the ink and, at the same time, allows you to fill the pen using every last drop of ink. It is known that fountain pens, if not plugged, dry very easily because the ink evaporates from the feed through the two open sides of the nib.
  • The Smartouch tubular nib, by wrapping the feed with great precision and having the air hole positioned far from the nib, is able to delay the nib drying with a constant advantage on daily use. Clearly the drying time is subject to environmental conditions of humidity and temperature.
  • The use of ballpoint nibs has significantly changed the handling of pens, now the writing position is much more vertical than the classic 45° position of the fountain pen. To meet this habit we have modified the inclination of the tip so the field of use is widely extended.
  • Snorkel Filler : use and maintenance: Position the tubular nib with the writing point facing the mark in the snorkel. Gently press the snorkel until it touches the pen section. Fill the pen as x the instructions• Gently pull out the snorkel with a strait movement. Do not unscrew. Wipe the nib as usual. The snorkel is dirty of ink inside you may want to rinse with clear water.
  • Warning :
  • Always put the fountain pen nib pointing the mark in the snorkel. Do not reverse or angle it.
  • Never unscrew the snorkel but pull out. To unscrew will remove the nib and feed from the section


  • Material: Resin
  • Writing system: Fountain pen
  • Nib: Chromium 18 Smartouch tubular
  • Filling System: Double Reservoir Snorkel Filler
  • Length: 5.9in.
  • Ink Color: Black
  • Country of Origin: Italy


  • Vendor Warranty Terms: One year limited warranty. Please contact 718-663-3987.

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Supplier Model #: KP16-01-FP1B

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