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These geometrically inspired drop earrings with sparkling drusy stones have a sugary texture that make them unique. They are de?nitely something to ?aunt - and attract compliments! Make a statement with these intricate jewelry pieces made with fine craftsmanship and classic gemstone setting techniques. Beautiful sparkling drusy stones with 22K gold plating.

Crafted from semi-precious hand-cut stones in jewel tones inspired by the vibrant colors of India. Introducing Vanya Lara, the newest line of hand-crafted jewelry by Anuschka. Each piece of jewelry is carefully made by skilled artisans in Jaipur, India, using traditional gemstone setting techniques honed over decades. With the timeless design and exceptional quality, these pieces are built to last and can be treasured for years to come.


  • Metal Content: Brass
  • Material Content: Semi-precious Stones
  • Plating Type: 22K Yellow Gold
  • Primary Finish: Buffed
  • Manufacturing Process: Handcrafted
  • Stone Information: Drusy: 4 / Rounded-Rectangle Shape / 20x15mm / Dyed/Assembled
  • Length: 2.25in.
  • Width: 0.71in.
  • Height: 0.029in.
  • Back Type: Shepherd Hook
  • Country of Origin: India

Vendor Warranty Terms: 30-day warranty against manufacturing defects only

All weights pertaining to gemstones, including diamonds, are minimum weights. Additionally, please note that many gemstones are treated to enhance their beauty. View Gemstone Enhancements and Special Care Requirements for important information.

Product Disclaimer

Drusy    Drops    

There are several different spellings, but "druzy," "drusy" and "druse" all refer to minute quartz crystals that form within or on other stones. When ground water carrying dissolved silica is forced into a porous area of rock, rapid cooling often occurs. It causes the formation of tiny crystals on top of previously deposited minerals or gemstones, particularly quartz, chalcedony or agate. The cutting of drusy cabochons begins with a rough agate geode. After removing the outer layers of agate, the inner cavity with the drusy is revealed. These pieces are then cut so that a thin layer is left with the drusy crystals appearing on the top. The agate portion of each piece is then shaped, sanded and polished.

Earring Back Types

The backing is an important part of an earring, providing a secure closure and comfortable fit. Keep in mind, some earring styles work better with certain back types. Experiment with the different types to find the best fit for you!

Butterfly Back: A double looped piece resembling a butterfly that fits over a post. Variations on this design are called push back clasps. The basic post and butterfly back are usually used for stud earrings and lighter weight drop earrings.

Hinged Snap Backs: This clasp features a hinged post that snaps into a groove on the back of the earring. It is commonly found on hoops. Sometimes the hinged post is curved to provide more room to fit around the ear, sometimes called a saddleback.

Hook Backs: This earring backing is simply a long, bent post that fits through the piercing. Hooks have several variations, most notably the shepherd's hook and the French hook. While thin wire hooks reduce the weight of long earrings, making them more comfortable, they aren't as secure as other clasp styles.

Lever Back: A hinged lever snaps shut against the curved post to form a closed loop around the ear lobe. This clasp is very secure and good for large or medium sized styles that drop just below the ear.

Omega: Also called French clips, this clasp has a straight post and a looped lever. The hinged lever closes around the post and is held against the ear with pressure. The omega clasp is the most secure clasp, especially for the larger, heavier earrings.

Screw back: This backing is a slight variation of the standard post and butterfly nut back. Instead of pushing on the back, the nut twists onto the threaded post. A screw back post design is often preferred for expensive diamond stud earrings that require increased security.