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If you suffer from minor aches and pains, you know how frustrating it can be to try and find relief. What if we told you we had just the solution and that it's safe and easy to use? The TrueEnergy LED pain relief device, an FDA Class II medical device, helps where you need pain relief the most. It is designed to give safe and powerful infrared light energy into your body's soft tissue and joints.

It easily contours to the spots that are hurting you, from your back, knees, wrists, shoulders, neck, or your feet. It includes adjustable straps to keep it in place. It provides temporary relief of minor muscle and joint aches and can also help those with the pain and stiffness associated with arthritis. Portable and ready to use anywhere with its built-in rechargeable battery. Just charge up and use to experience temporary relief from minor aches and pains! 


  • TrueEnergy Pain Relief System
  • Two adjustable elastic support straps
  • USB power adapter
  • USB power cord
  • User guide


  • 60 medical-grade infrared & deep red lights: Intended for the relaxation of muscles & muscle spasms, temporary relief of minor muscle & joint aches, pain & stiffness associated with arthritis & temporary increase in local blood circulation.
  • Designed to give safe and powerful light energy into the body's soft tissue and joints.
  • Lights embedded in neoprene: Easily contours to areas you want to treat, such as the back, knee, shoulder, wrist, feet and neck.
  • Comes with Velcro adjustable straps to keep it in place.
  • Re-chargeable battery included: provides ultimate portability
  • Easily and quickly re-charges
  • FDA Cleared Class II medical device: Safe and effective  
  • Short strap fits up to 13-3/4"; long strap fits up to 40" (bands are elastic and do stretch to fit larger and can be combined for greater circumference)
  • Made in China


Consumer perception study of 22 subjects who received daily light treatment over five days found:

  • 100% of subjects reported positive results and improvement in their levels of pain.
  • 91% of the subjects reported over a 50% improvement in general temporary relief of pain with treatment.
  • 86% of subjects reported greater than a 50% reduction in pain impact that pain had on their life.
  • 100% of subjects reported continued improvement in the temporary reduction of daily pain with treatments.


One-year limited warranty by LED Technologies. For warranty support, please call 1-800-337-9565.

Please Note: Do not use on infants or young children without physician approval. This product contains neoprene. Contact your doctor if you have medical questions regarding the device. Contact doctor prior to using if you are pregnant or suspect you may be pregnant or if you have suspicious or cancerous legions.