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The slight rectangular shape to these butterfly frame Tory Burch sunglasses makes them a unique add to your eyewear collection! Made of quality acetate with impressive UV protection lenses, these fashionable frames are functional as well.

Sensible, stylish and with a touch of personal style, Tory Burch provides a range of handbags, footwear, accessories and more. Tory Burch eyewear utilizes the most popular colors and prints of modern society to create captivating styles. Functional and fashionable, Tory Burch caters to today's women.

Sunglasses Measurements

  • Sunglasses Dimensions: 140MM Arm, 54MM Lens Width, 22MM Lens Bridge

Sunglasses Details

  • Gender: Women's
  • Silhouette: Rectangle Butterfly
  • Material Content: Acetate
  • Accessories/Packaging Includes: Sunglasses, Case, Cleaning Cloth
  • Country of Origin: China

View Face Shape Guide here

Product Disclaimer

Choosing Sunglasses:

When choosing a sunglasses shape, you need to consider your fashion preference, face shape, and the end use. In terms of face shape, some general guidelines might help you narrow down your choices:

  • Square: With a strong jaw and square forehead, narrower frames with rounded edges will soften the sharp angles.
  • Round: Narrower frames with straight lines will provide a slimming angle to a round face.
  • Triangle: Frames that are wider at the bottom offer a minimizing effect in contrast to a wide forehead. Rimless frames are often very flattering for a triangular face shape.
  • Heart: With a narrow jaw line, a frame that narrows out your forehead provides a flattering look. Rimless frames are often a flattering choice, as well as square frames that don't extend past your cheeks.
  • Polarization:
    For those who spend a lot of time on water or driving, polarized lenses provide another layer of clarity, as they reduce the glare coming from flat roads and smooth water. The special filter on polarized lenses blocks this intense, reflected light. Enjoy your outdoor activities more with polarized lenses.

    Thinner and lighter than traditional plastic, polycarbonate is also more impact-resistant than traditional plastic. Developed for aerospace applications, polycarbonate is currently used in astronauts' helmet visors and space shuttle windshields. The properties of polycarbonate make these types of glasses ideal for your outdoor activities.

    Sunglass Ultraviolet Protection:
    In the United States, the amount of ultraviolet (UV) radiation reaching the ground is calculated from 290 to 400 nm in wavelength (representing the full spectrum of UV wavelengths). Sunglasses that offer UV absorption up to 400 nanometer (nm), block at least 99% of UV rays. These are sometimes listed as 400 UV sunglasses.