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Ergonomic shape fits comfortably in your palm while you brush, shape, and style your beard from all angles to keep you looking polished and dapper.

Just like you, at Tombstone we're driven to do our best. Our best means the best for you too. We want you to enjoy the thickest, strongest facial hair of your life and to that end we've deployed science both rigorously tested and reviewed. Our formula utilizes Keratinocyte Growth Factor, or KGF, the protein responsible for signaling the skin to grow hair. You won't find this exclusive ingredient in any other beard growth formulation. We're proud to use it and stake our claim on its efficiency. We've combined KGF with a potent blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids designed and vetted to strengthen, fortify and condition your facial hair. It's great for the skin underneath too. Meanwhile, we're keeping it real with vegan, cruelty free, fragrance free, paraben free products for your face so that you can buy with confidence.


  • Country of Origin: China

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Vendor Warranty Terms: 30 days

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