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This dermaplaning tool removes the buildup of dead skin and peach fuzz, revealing a brighter complexion.


  • Made with a comfort handle. It's designed to have the perfect weight for easy and safe blade control, letting the blade to glide gently on your skin with light strokes.
  • Improves skin care product absorption
  • Evens skin tone and texture
  • Clears congested pores to prevent breakouts.
  • Country of Origin: United States

Please see the Usage tab for usage information.

Vendor Warranty Terms: 1 year warranty. If the handle breaks within 1 year of the purchase date, Stacked Skincare will replace the tool. You can contact and provide the receipt and we will ship them a new one at no charge.

How To Use

Starting at the top of the cheekbone near your hairline, hold your skin taut behind the blade and gently glide the dermaplaning tool toward your nose using short strokes. Continue until you have covered the entire cheek and jaw. Repeat light strokes on your chin, above your lips, and on your forehead. Always hold your tool at a 45-degree angle. Use once a week for optimal results, and replace the blade monthly. Wipe the blade with alcohol to disinfect it.

Care Instructions: Wipe the blade with alcohol to disinfect it.