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If you've ever experienced your glasses breaking at the wrong time - which is really any time - then you already see the appeal of this product. Once you've had to wrestle a screw into place, often while barely being able to see it because your glasses are the thing you're trying to fix, you don't forget that experience.

With these Snap-It eyeglass repair kits, however, you have a markedly easier time getting the process started thanks to the thin feeder tip at the bottom of each screw. Remove the old screw, line the tip up with the hinge, and drop the screw into place. Once you've tightened it you can snap the feeder tip right off, and voila! Fixed glasses, minimal frustration, and with a three pack of the kits you have ample screws ready for the next optical disaster.

Snap-It Eyeglass Frame Repair Kit Essentials

  • Repairs most glasses' hinges quickly.
  • Snap-It screws are fully threaded.
  • Feeder tip allows you to drop screw into hinge. Once screw is tightened, snap feeder tip off by hand.

What's Included

  • Screwdriver (x3)
  • Five differently sized screws (x3)

Please Note: If your glasses' original screw requires a Phillips screwdriver, you will need to provide one for initial screw removal.

Made in China.