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This classic desk clock from Seiko offers a brown wooden case and glass crystal. Additional clock features include a nighttime chime silencer, volume control, and your choice between a Westminster chime on the hour or Whittington quarter-hour chime with hourly strikes. 

Desk Clock Details

  • Material: Wooden case and glass crystal
  • Dimensions: 7-3/4" H x 7-1/2"W x 4"W
  • Weight: 2.45lbs
  • Required for Use: One C battery included
  • Country of Origin: Japan


  • Please Note: No warranty is provided.

About Seiko
From humble beginnings in the Ginza district of Tokyo, Kintaro Hattori’s clock and watch business has grown into one of the most recognized brands in the world. As the manufacturer of Seiko and Pulsar watches, as well as Seiko Clocks, the Seiko company has staked their leadership and reputation on technology and quality.

Simply said, the history of modern timekeeping is the history of Seiko. From the introduction of the first quartz watch (now an industry standard) in 1969, to the first digital watch in 1972, to today’s super-advanced Auto Kinetic models, Seiko has continued to set world standards in innovation while keeping their prices well within the reach of consumers.

Seiko believes that the best way for you to select and directly purchase a Seiko watch is through one of its Authorized Internet Retailers. EVINE Live is an authorized Seiko dealer. So you’re sure to find the latest Seiko collection, and authenticity is guaranteed. In addition, all Seiko watches sold by authorized dealers are protected by an outstanding 3-year warranty that can be extended an additional 2 years with EVINE Live’s Protection Plan.