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Dry mouth; Whitening; Tooth + Gum Relief; Professional strength formula used by dentists, Alcohol and paraben free

Dry mouth, whitening and tooth + gum relief all from the same natural mouthwash. Soothing Mint Flavor. Free from: Alcohol, SLS, Artificial colours, Artifical sweetners, Fluoride, Preservatives, Gluten, harmful chemicals. 20 oz (600ml)


  • Tooth Friendly Xylitol Papaya and Pineapple Enzymes Fights Bacteria Helps Heal Oral Tissue Alcohol and Fluoride Free
  • Country of Origin: Canada

Please see the Usage & Ingredients tab for how to use and ingredient information.

Vendor Warranty Terms:, Tel#: 866.725.6683, 1 year

Product Disclaimer

How To Use

moderate or better oral health

Average Days of Supply: 30


Water/AquaXylitolGlycerinErythritolHydrogen PeroxideAloe barbadensis Leaf JuiceZinc Citratementha piperita leaf extractmentha arvensis leaf oileugenia caryophyllus bud oilgaultheria procumbens leaf extractolea europaea fruit oileucalyptoleugenolthymolAscorbic AcidPotassium CitrateCitric Aciddisodium edtapolysorbate 80