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The Pet Life 'Conversion' 5-in-1 Interchangeable Grooming Tool features an interchangeable Stainless Steel Dematter, Deshedder, Bristle Brush, Pin Brush, and a Silicone Massage Comb making it the perfect all-in-one Grooming Tool you'll ever need. The Bristle, Pin and Silicone Massage brushes snap onto the front the device while the Deshedder and Dematter flip opened at the back of the device like a razer.

This all-in-one Grooming tool is designed to Remove Mats and Tangles, Smoothen their Top and Inner-Coat and Massage and Lather during bathing. This All-in-one 5-piece Grooming Tool set is great for all Dog and Cat Breeds and Hair Types. Features a TPR Rubber-like Contoured Easy-Grip handle for added precision, control and comfort.


  • The conversion 5-in-1 grooming tool is an all-in-one interchangeable dematter, deshedder, bristle and pin brush with a massage and bathing comb
  • The dematter and deshedder pop-out of the back of the brush like a handheld electronic shavor razor while the interchangeable massage, pin and bristle brush simply snap into place!
  • The only grooming tool you'll ever need, universally designed for all cat and dog breeds and hair types
  • Extremely easy to both assemble and disasseble, blades are composed of high-quality stainless-steel with high-grade bristles and soft silicone


  • Brand: Pet Life
  • Length: 9.05in.
  • Height: 1.97in.
  • Weight: 0.92lbs.
  • Material Content: ABS, TPR, Stainless Steel
  • Country of Origin: China

Vendor Warranty Terms: No Warranty

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