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Park-a-Purse Handbag Cubby Organizer

This is the ultimate solution for organizing those big handbags along side your little guys. This ideal storage solution provides big and small cubbies to keep handbags upright allowing you to see your whole collection at one time. Provides a scratch-free, clutter-free and tangle-free environment for your purses. Specifically designed to sit on standard closet shelving or wire racks so it won't take away from valuable clothing space. The universal connectors allow you to even build on top or extend the sides when you collect more than one!

Dimensions: 34-1/4"L x 34-1/4 13-1/2"W x 27-1/2"H

Made in Taiwan

Please Note - Handbags pictured are not included in this offer.

UPC 899064000152

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