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With time and gravity and a lack of exercise, the facial muscles weaken and begin to sag (like all muscles). But significantly, the superficial facial muscles are connected to the skin via connective tissue called fascia. So as the facial muscles begin to sag, the skin sags too, because the two are connected. The physiological connection between the facial muscle and skin is the key reason the Face Trainer works so well and delivers such compelling results.

It targets and tones the underlying muscles of the face which support and help lift our skin against gravity. Progressive, target resistance is the key to toning and strength training. Comes with 3 levels of resistance. The resistance is targeted to activate and tone the facial muscles including those of the neck, chin, jawline, cheeks and mouth. Results are even noticeable to the side of the eyes as the temporalis muscle is also activated during the jaw opening exercise.


  • My FaceLift
  • Three resistance coils:
  • Beginner Coil (white)
  • Intermediate Coil (blue)
  • Advance Coil (black)


  • Tone, Tighten & Lift your neck without any creams or beauty products by using the strength of your face!
  • In less than 5 minutes a day you can reduce saggy necks, target double chins, and improve droopy jowls by performing regularly exercises
  • When used correctly, this device can help make you appear younger with some results up to a decade younger!
  • Results Increase Over Time - As you use this face-lifting device each day, your muscles will become stronger and stronger. You will look better and better instead of being back at square one after each night's sleep. If you miss one day, any older-looking saggy skin will not return immediately, either, if you get back to your exercises the next day.
  • No Batteries or Recharge Time - Without the need for batteries or a recharging cable, the item is ready to use at a moments notice.
  • 3 Levels of Resistance that allow you to build up strength over time:
  • White coil offers a low level of resistance.
  • Blue offers a medium level of resistance
  • Black that offers a high level of resistance
  • Start off by using the white one and gradually progress to the black one once the other levels become easy for you.
  • Portable - It will fit comfortably in most glove compartments, gym bags, suitcases, backpacks. If you find yourself with free time while you are waiting in the parking lot for an appointment, you just might decide to pull out this device and get a round of facial exercises in.

Country of Origin: China

Disclaimer: Caution: You should consult your physician before commencing this exercise program If you experience any pain or discomfort while using this product, stop using the product immediately. Could Aggravate Neck Issues If you have got neck issues due to an old or current injury or physical problem, you may find doing the exercises you are supposed to do with My FaceLift unpleasant. Most people will be able to handle them, but people with pre-existing issues may not be able to do them as frequently as others, and therefore may see less of a positive effect. My FaceLift is not suitable for children since their necks and chins may not be strong enough to withstand the impact of even the lightest resistance coils included with it. Teenagers who are as large or almost as large as adults may be able to use this device safely, but you should check with a doctor first, and supervise them as they use it. It is unlikely that most children or teens will have saggy skin at that point in their lives, but it could be an issue for overweight teens.

Please see the Usage tab for how to use information.

About the Collection
My FaceLift is a clinically developed resistance training device so you can strengthen and tone your neck, chin, and facial muscles, reducing the visible signs of skin aging by reducing the look of sagging jaw lines and drooping cheeks. Performing two specific exercises on your face for just four minutes a day can help you look 10 years younger and give you back your youthful, confident facial contours.

Paul Younane, Inventor & Physiologist

Paul YounaneAbout the Expert

    • Accomplished and practicing Physiotherapist
• Developed an ingenious device initially intended to help his patients improve their motor unit recruitment in the neck, chin and lower facial muscles to rehabilitate speech and chewing functions
    • Discovered that a resistance training program using this device on the patients not only supported their motor functions but that they also experienced increased muscle tone and reduced the look of neck and facial sagging post therapy

How To Use

View manual here

1) Add Resistance Coil - The first thing you'll need to do is add the light (white) resistance coil to your device before using it. To do so, open the device up by pressing down on the four horizontal lines below the logo, and then split the device into two. If you need help inserting the white resistance coil inside, consult your instruction manual. Don't use the medium (blue) or strong (black) resistance coils just yet, as they're for more experienced users. Whenever you want to switch resistance coils, you will need to pull the existing one out of your device and insert the new one.

2) Slide Device Under Chin - Next, slide the top of the device (the end that contains the logo) under your chin and place the bottom against your collarbone, directly below your chin. The bottom should be sloping downward towards the chest and upward towards the neck. This is the position you'll need to keep My FaceLift in so that you can complete your exercises.

3) Start Doing Exercises - Once your tool is in position, start bobbing your chin up and down as if you're nodding yes. Do this for two minutes with your mouth closed, and two more with your mouth open. The first exercise will strengthen your neck, and the second will strengthen your chin and jowls.

4) Remove Tool - When you've completed your two exercises, remove the tool from under your chin and store it someplace safe until the next day.