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Don't let back pain take over your life. This Medic Therapeutics back decompression belt provides both traction and decompression therapy to help relieve lower back pain. The belt expands vertically when inflated to stretch and decompress pressure off your aching back. This belt can also be used deflated as a support belt. 


  • Ergonomic design for the Ultimate Lumbar Support - The Medic Therapeutics lumbar belt stretches and tractions the lower back as it inflates with air. Once inflated, the air traction pillars in the belt use traction to force together your lumbar vertebra to provide optimal support to the back.
  • Stretch & relieve back pain - The belt is designed to increase in height by up to 4 inches which cradle the hip and lower rib cage, helping you lift your upper body and loading weight off of the lower back to allow the muscles to relax. Temporarily relieve your lower back pain and stiffness as well as decompress joints and spinal discs.
  • Enjoy Anytime and Anywhere: Use the belt under or over your clothing during activities, or even while resting and relaxing. The easy-to-use hand pump allows you to inflate and deflate the belt on your own.
  • The belt eliminates the pressure on your back by straightening tight muscles and it provides decompression for the discs. Less pressure means less pain.
  • Provides Lumbar traction support and back relief
  • Helps improve Posture
  • Use anytime, anywhere
  • One size fits most waists
  • Included extender pad
  • Includes a hand pump to inflate the belt as well as a air valve key to deflate.
  • Length: 45 in
  • Before inflation width: 5.5 in
  • After Inflation width: 7.5 in
  • Product Weight: 9.8 oz
  • Country of Origin: China

Disclaimer: Vendor Warranty Terms : Your Medic Therapeutics product is backed by a limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty. Medic Therapeutics will repair or replace your device at any time should it fail due to a defect in material or workmanship, subject to the certain limitations. This limited warranty does not cover any damage that results from unauthorized or improper use, service, or repair. Further, it does not cover damage caused by accident, impact, negligence, or normal wear and tear. Should you discover your Medic Therapeutics product is not functioning properly, please send your device to our repair center for evaluation. If your product cannot be repaired or serviced, we will reserve the right to change it for a similar or newer model. Please note that a flat rate of $25.00 will be charged to cover a service evaluation fee and return shipping of your device. All warranty claims must be accompanied by a copy of your proof of purchase from an authorized retailer.

Please see the Usage tab for how to use information and manual.

How To Use

1. Wear the belt against the skin directly or on loose fitting clothing2. Wear the belt between the lower rib cage and hip. Strap on and attach the belt firmly. If the belt is too short, attach the extension piece to the front of the belt and then strap on. 3. Clip the pump onto the gas valve of the belt, and then inflate the belt by pumping the pump.4. The most effective traction is obtained when the air pillars of belt are fully inflated.5. It is recommended that initially the belt be worn for 30 - 60 minutes at a time, if no side effects or pain is experienced then the usage time can be periodically extended.6. Do not wear the belt when sleeping.7. Before taking off the belt, unscrew the pump and press the air valve until the air escapes, ensure the belt is fully deflated then loosen the belt.

length - 115 cmbefore inflation width - 13 cmAfter Inflation width - 20 cmWeight - 280gMaterials - outer layer - PUinner layer- cottoninner layer of air inflation - TPU

View manual here.