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Conveniently designed for both men and women, this device is flexible for easy use and portable for easy transport. Featuring IPL technology and 9 intensity modes, this product is designed to be effective on all areas and all skin types. Safe to use with automatic shutdown protection.


  • Hair Removal Device
  • Adapter
  • Protective Glasses


  • Improved Hair reduction in weeks
  • Nine Energy Intensity modes for effective hair removal
  • 360-Degree surrounding cooling effect for comfort while using
  • Safe to use with automatic shutdown
  • Fast & Easy to use
  • Convenient use from head to toe
  • Suitable for both Men & Women
  • Country of Origin: China

Please see the Usage tab for usage information.

Disclaimer: Results May Vary. NON MEDICAL USE: Medic Therapeutics is a trademark name for a family of products that includes a variety of emergency and wellness supplies such as vibrating fitness platforms, walking canes, sterilizers etc. None of Medic Therapeutics products are designed or intended to prevent, diagnose, or treat any illness, condition, or disease even when used as directed. This product is not a medical device. This product is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease. Always consult your doctor or physician for any medical questions you may have.Always consult your doctor or physician immediately for any questions you may have. This apparatus is not guaranteed as prevention of treatment for any disease or medical condition. For proper use only. Operate only as directed. Misuse may result in sickness or death. Always carefully review operating instructions for use in the operating instructions manual prior to use. Keep out of reach of children and supervise children under the age of eighteen (18) at all times. Do not allow the user to place this item in his/her mouth at any time. No child or minor should ever be left unattended with any of these items, as small parts may becomde lose and pose a choking hazard.Caution: Please do not use device under the environment of explosives or any other inflammables. Keep children and pets away for equipment. The equipment is designed for adult use only. Always use the equipment as indicated. if you find any defective components while assembling or checking the equipment of if you hear any unusual noise coming from the equipment during use - STOP. Do not use the equipment until the problem has been rectified.

Vendor Warranty Terms: Your Medic Therapeutics product is backed by a limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty. Medic Therapeutics will repair or replace your device at any time should it fail due to a defect in material or workmanship, subject to the certain limitations. This limited warranty does not cover any damage that results from unauthorized or improper use, service, or repair. Further, it does not cover damage caused by accident, impact, negligence, or normal wear and tear. Should you discover your Medic Therapeutics product is not functioning properly, please send your device to our repair center for evaluation. If your product cannot be repaired or serviced, we will reserve the right to change it for a similar or newer model. Please note that a flat rate of $80.00 will be charged to cover a service evaluation fee and return shipping of your device. All warranty claims must be accompanied by a copy of your proof of purchase from an authorized retailer.

How To Use

  • 1. Before use, please shave the hair off the hair removal area, clean and wipe it. This allows the hair follicles under the skin to absorb the energy and will help you achieve the best hair removal effect.
  • 2. If this is your first time using this device, we recommend doing the skin sensitivity test below: Skin Sensitivity Test: ? Turn on the device. ? Select the gear you want to test 1st gear or 2nd gear. ? Test the device on a small area of skin and operate the selected skin area according to the operation instructions and precautions below. ? After 30 minutes of skin test, check your skin for a reaction. ? If the skin of the test site is normal, you can continue to use it. If there is abnormality, please stop using it and seek assistance.
  • 3. Connect the power adapter switch and put on the eye protection glasses provided.
  • 4. Function Switching: • Ice Compress Function: To start this function short press "switch on/off button", then the snowflake icon will appear on the display, and then enter the ice compress function will begin. • Hair Removal, Skin Rejuvenation & Acne Removal Functions: To switch between these functions single press the "function switch button", the display will move between at "HR" "SC" "RA" and your desired function will begin.
  • 5. The machine is equipped with 1-9 gears. Short press the"+" touch key to adjust the intensity of the light wave. For your first time, please use it on the 1st gear. Strengthen the gear according to your own experience. The higher the gear, the better the effect.
  • 6. Light Settings:• By default, the hair removal instrument starts in by manual light emission. Press the flash emission button once to emit light once. The sliding light setting is applicable for larger area hair removal. After the hair removal device is turned on, press, and hold the flash emission button, for the hair removal device to switch between the sliding light and the "AUTO" functions on the display. You will need to make the lamp head close to the skin vertically, and the hair removal device will automatically emit light.
  • 7. Press the lamp head to the part where hair removal is needed and use it vertically.
  • 8. When the hair removal device is in manual light output mode, wait for the three touch buttons to flash, then press the flash emission button to the emit flash. After the flash is emitted the hair removal area will be complete for that section. Then move the lamp head to the next hair removal area and touch the lamp head to the new selected, wait for the three touch buttons to flash, press the flash emission button. Continue this process for each selected area, it is recommended to irradiate each part 2-3 times.
  • 9. When the hair removal device is in the sliding light mode, long press the flash emission button and a flash will be emitted. Then move the lamp head to the next hair removal area and repeat, it is recommended to irradiate each part 2-3 times.
  • 10. If you want to use the ice pack function, simply press the "Switch On/Off button", then it will appear on the display. To turn off the ice pack function press the "Switch On/Off button" again and it will disappear on the display.
  • 11. After use, press and hold the "switch on/off button" for 2 seconds to turn off the device. If there is no action on the device for 5 minutes, it will automatically shut down.
  • 12. After turning off the device unplug the adapter and then remove the adapter from the power base.
  • 13. After ten minutes the surface of the lamp cap has cooled down and you can begin to wipe the light window with anon-alcoholic wipe or soft paper towel.
  • 14. 20 minutes after the end of your hair removal begin moisturizing your skin to repair the hair removal area. lf there is discomfort, use a cold compress for 30 minutes until the skin is soothed.

Care Instructions: 1. Do not place or store appliance where it can come into contact of any liquids. 2. Do not operate under blanket or pillow. Excessive heating can occur and cause fire, electric shock, or injury topersons.3. This is not a toy. For adult use only. Do not use if injured and consult your doctor before using this.