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With the supplied 3-in-1 charging cable, this power bank charges a variety of mobile phones (Lightning, TypeC, or Micro interface cable options), smart watches, gaming consoles, music devices, and other 5V 1A devices. It serves as an emergency power supply- anytime, anywhere!


  • View manual here
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Unit Size: 92*22*22mm
  • Battery Capacity: 2600mah
  • Lithium battery
  • Battery Life: May charge 1 smartphone with a full charge, Up to 500 cycle times
  • DC Input: 5V 1A (max)
  • DC Output: 5V 1A (max)
  • 3-in-1 cable (Lightning/Type C/Micro)
  • Country of Origin: China

Disclaimer: WARNING: When using this product, follow basic precautions, including the following: a. Close supervision is necessary when the power bank in used near children to reduce the risk of injury. b. Do not place your fingers or hand inside the product. c. Do not expose the power bank to any liquids, rain, or snow. d. The use of a charger or power supply charger that is not sold/recommended by the power bank manufacturer may result in the risk of fire or injury. e. Do not use the power bank in excess of its output rate. Overloading outputs above the total rate may result in the risk of fire or injury. f. Do not disassemble the power bank. When service or repair is required, take the battery bank to a qualified service representative. Incorrect reassembly may result in the risk of fire or injury. g. Have servicing performed by a qualified representative using only identical replacement parts. This will ensure that the safety of the product is maintained.

Please see the Usage tab for how to use information.

Vendor Warranty Terms: Limited 10-year manufacturer's warranty. Please contact 

How To Use

View manual here


  • 1. Connect the USB port of the supplied 3-in-1 cable to the USB port of the power bank.
  • 2. Choose the corresponding charging interface for your device.
  • 3. Once you connect the appropriate cable to your device, charging will commence immediately.


  • 1. Connect the USB port of the supplied 3-in-1 cable to an AC-powered USB adaptor, computer, or laptop.
  • 2. Connect the micro interface cable of the supplied 3-in-1 cable to the power bank.
  • 3. Once connected, a red led light will flash, indicating that the power bank is being charged. The red light will stop flashing and remain illuminated to indicate that the device has been fully charged.