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The Mark Roberts brand is known, loved, and collected by legions of people across the USA and world. Known for the timeless beauty, elegant designs, and intricate details, these are some of the well-known characteristics of Mark Roberts.


  • This the first national offering of the Mark Roberts Twelve Days of Christmas Elves as a complete box of 12! Each of the 12 Elves have a golden pear belt buckle, with their "number" in red glitter. Each Elf is hand sewn, with all the trimmings one comes to expect from a Mark Roberts piece.
  • Limited edition collectible - comes with registration card and certificate of authenticity.
  • Wired arms and legs for a customizable pose.


  • Accessories/Packaging Includes: 12 Days of Christmas Northpole Ell - Set of 12Partridge in a Pear Tree Norhtpole ElfTwo Turtle Doves Northpole ElfThree French Hens Northpole ElfFour Calling Birds Northpole ElfFive Golden Rings Northpole ElfSix Geese a Laying Northpole ElfSeven Swans A Swimming Northpole ElfEight Maids A Milking Northpole ElfNine Ladies Dancing Northpole ElfTen Lords A Leaping North Pole ElfEleven Pipers Piping North Pole ElfTwelve Drummers Drumming North Pole Elf
  • Product Specs: Partridge in a Pear Tree Length - 3.5inHeight - 3.25inWidth - 13inWeight - 0.6lbsTwo Turtle Doves Length - 3.5inHeight - 3.25inWidth - 13.5inWeight - 0.6lbsThree French Hens Length - 3.5inHeight - 3inWidth - 13.5inWeight - 0.6lbsFour Calling Birds Length - 4inHeight - 3inWidth - 14.75inWeight - 0.4lbsFive Golden Rings Length - 3.5inHeight - 2.5inWidth - 13inWeight - 0.6lbsSix Geese a Laying Length - 3.5inHeight - 3.25inWidth - 12.75inWeight - 0.6lbsSeven Swans A SwimmingLength - 3.25inHeight - 3.25inWidth - 14.75inWeight - 0.7lbsEight Maids A MilkingLength - 3.5inHeight - 2.75inWidth - 12.25inWeight - 0.68lbsNine Ladies DancingLength - 3.25inHeight - 3inWidth - 14.75inWeight - 0.72lbsTen Lords A Leaping Length - 3inHeight - 3inWidth - 14.5inWeight - 0.1lbsEleven Pipers Piping Length - 3.5inHeight - 2.5inWidth - 13inWeight - 0.11lbsTwelve Drummers Drumming Length - 3.5inHeight - 2.75inWidth - 14.25inWeight - 0.1lbs
  • Material Content: Polyester
  • Care Instructions: Lightly wipe with dry cloth.
  • Country of Origin: China

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