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There’s nothing worse than getting into your car during the summer and having to sit and wait with your doors open for everything to cool down from the day’s heat. Or, having to take all the extra time to scrape away ice and frost on cold mornings. Now, suddenly you don't have time to grab your morning coffee!

Why not invest in a tool to help cool the temperature down or block from ice? That’s exactly what we love about this windshield cover.

Windshield Cover Essentials

  • Protects from frost, ice and snow
  • Easy to install
  • Saves time. no scraping windshield
  • Can be used year around as a sun shade
  • No need to use gas to heat up window to melt ice

Additional Details

  • Dimensions: 44"W (top), 60"W (bottom) x 34"H
  • Care: Spot clean with cloth as needed
  • Country of Origin: China