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Looking for a quick and easy way to improve the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging at home? V-LIFT Ionic RF +EMS + LED Facial Device uses a combination of technologies such as Radio Frequency (RF), Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) and Light Therapy technology known to help stimulate collagen and elastin in the skin with nonsurgical and noninvasive electrodes that use heat to penetrate deep into the skin's dermis. These different treatments will leave your skin feeling refreshed and radiant.


  • Radio Frequency (RF): Helps to tighten skin, stimulate production of collagen, and brighten complexion.
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS): Helps to stimulate muscle contractions in the face, which in turn, may help to strengthen and lift muscles for facial contouring.
  • Light Therapy (Red | Blue): Helps reduce wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and acne- causing bacteria.
  • Heat Therapy: Helps to increase the skin permeability, which results in better absorption of the skincare products to reach deeper into the layers of the skin.
  • Cold Therapy: Helps to reduce puffiness and redness.
  • lonic Therapy: Positive ions helps to attract the encapsulated impurities from the skin such as dirt, makeup, etc.) while negative ions help to improve the skin's moisture barrier, allowing for a more hydrated complexion.
  • Country of Origin: United States

Please see the Usage tab for usage information.

Disclaimer: We recommend using a conductive gel or your favorite skincare serum or cream for the optimal treatment session. Please read the manual carefully before use and use this product according to directions of use. If there is an abnormal reaction, please stop using device immediately. When using this product do not remain in the same area of the face for a long period of time. Do not expose/approach to strong magnetic fields, do not directly expose to the sun, do not contact with corrosive liquid, or the device may work abnormally and get damage. Do not put this device next to high temperature, humidity, and large power appliances. This may result in fire, electric shock, and other safety accidents. This product is only for beauty care, please do not use it outside its specifications. Please use the original charger to charge device, otherwise it may lead charging failure or burn out the device which may result in fire, electric shock, and other safety accidents. Do not disassemble, repair, or modify this product by yourself, or it may cause short circuit, electric shock, or human injury. This product is not waterproof, do not wash or immerse in water.

Warning: 1. Please stop using the product immediately when it is unusually hot or has an unusual odor, so as not to cause burns or fire. 2. Please conduct a skin patch test prior to first use. If you find any abnormal feeling/reaction during use, stop using it immediately. f abnormal skin occurs, stop using it and consult a doctor. 3. Use intensity 1 for initial use. 4. When using RF LED mode and RF COOL mode, do not look directly at LED lights, or you may damage your eyes or skin. 5. The following should not be using this device: Infectious patients, heart disease patients, high fever patients, malignant tumors, acute patients, medical appliance, skin disease patient, pregnant/lactating person, excessive sunburns, muscle particularly sensitive, vasodilator, being hospitalized.