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LiquidNano can be applied to any glass screen. This means, that in addition to your smartphones and tablets, you can also protect the glass screens of your watch, your camera lenses, your GPS, even your computer - the list of applications are endless. Don't risk your precious device screens for another minute - protect them now, do the right thing and get them covered by LiquidNano today.

LiquidNano also offers $150, $250 or $350 of Screen Assurance. If disaster strikes and you do break your smartphone or tablet screen, then they give you up to that dollar amount towards a replacement screen for that device.

Ultimate Wipe-on Screen Protector Details

  • Because it is liquid, it can be applied to other glass devices
  • No more messing with bubbly tempered glass protectors
  • Choose $150, $250 or $350 in Screen Assurance
  • Made in Germany


  • Cleaning sachet
  • Nano coating sachet
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Instructions