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GLO24K Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Device for Face and Neck is an advanced, triple action beauty device that generates age-defying benefits and assists in rejuvenating and beautifying the skin of the face and neck for a radiant, glowing complexion. Pair with a travel set of GLO24K products and you'll be well on your way to the complexion you deserve.


  • GLO24K Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Device for Face & Neck
  • USB cable
  • Manual


  • Advanced and uniquely designed beauty device for all your skin care needs: A skin rejuvenation beauty tool based on cutting-edge Light Therapy, Microcurrent, Vibration, and RF technologies for a glowing, radiant skin.
  • Safe, non-invasive, spa at beauty device for a youthful revitalized appearance.
  • Targets all areas of concern for face and body.
  • Helps minimizing the visible signs of the aging process on the face, neck, around the eyes, and other body parts. It may assist is battling the visible signs of aging while improving and invigorating overal skin condition.
  • For both men and women, ergonomically designed.
  • Easy to use for all skin types.
  • Portable and travel friendly, comes with USB charging cable.
  • Accessories/Packaging Includes:
  • Country of Origin: China

Please see the Usage tab for how to use information.

Vendor Warranty Terms: GLO24K warrants your LED Device for any manufacturing or workmanship defects for life. We want you to feel confident and secure when you invest in our products.

Skin Firming

When skin ages, its collagen and elastin are produced more slowly. This causes gradual changes like hyperpigmentation, discoloration, dryness, sagging, wrinkles, crepe-like folds, loss of muscle tone, textural unevenness and loss of elasticity.

The topical application of key skin firming ingredients works synergistically to protect and strengthen the skin. Skin care products should have a combination of naturally occurring active ingredients. They will contain compounds to protect which will likely be in the form of extracts containing antioxidants. Another set of ingredients will firm the skin by penetrating through its seven layers to support the collagen process at a cellular level.

Skin firming creams are usually formulated as night creams. They tend to be richer, thicker and more emollient and should be able to stay on long enough to absorb for maximum benefits. In general, face creams are designed to minimize lines/wrinkles, improve skin density, firm, plump and decrease puffiness (especially in the eye area).

Many manufacturers describe their product as a "cocktail" of ingredients that work together to decrease the effects of aging. Skin firming and anti-aging ingredients often include antioxidants, minerals, seaweed, herb extracts and different kinds of oils like Vitamins A and E. Other ingredients attributed to having a firming effect on the skin include green tea, aloe vera, beech bud extract, alpha lipoic acids, shea butter, hyaluronic acid and the very exotic sounding emu oil. Some firming and anti-aging products also contain light reflecting pigments, such as mica, to enhance the glow and make the skin look radiant.

How To Use

Over clean skin apply a small amount of your favorite Cream or Serum, massage it and let it fully absorb (recommended). Turn the device ON to activate Massage and Vibration as well as LED light Therapy technologies. You can adjust between different LED lights as each has its own wavelength and benefits (Red/Yellow/ Blue/Combination). You can also adjust the level of speed and intensity. You can ADD on EMS Microcurrent and RF (Radio Frequency) technologies to enhance the massage session and to expand on the skin care benefits of these advanced technologies. Adjust speed and intensity to your level of comfort. Apply the device on the skin of your face and neck and/or other body parts in upward/downward and circular motions. Massage all acupuncture points and areas of concern. Recommended application time is up to10 minutes with up to 2 minutes per area of concern. Turn OFF the device between applications and clean it with a dry, clean cloth. Use as needed. (PLEASE ALWAYS REFER TO THE MANUAL ENCLOSED WITH THE PRODUCT OR ITS PDF VERSION ONLINE)