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Help eliminate mosquitos and other flying insects in a single swing! Simply activate mosquito lamp mode and you're ready to blast those flies. It's perfect for late nights on the patio or sitting outside early in the morning. If bugs are bothering you inside, it's perfect for indoor use as well. Avoid accidental zaps with the secure design and safety switch for storage. This buzz buster bug zapping racket from Anatomic Elements is sure to impress.


  • 2 Rechargeable Bug Zapper Rackets
  • 1 USB Charging Cable
  • 2 Electric Mosquito Swatter Rechargeable Stand and Holder
  • User Manual


  • Helps Eliminate Mosquitoes/Flying Insects in a single swing by activating Mosquito Lamp Mode
  • Three-Layer Mesh Protection: Using high-quality nickel-plated iron and aluminum mesh, this provides a safety net in case one accidentally touches the top zapping portion of the racket. Extremely safe to use.
  • Safety Switch: Activate or deactivates the power for high security and safe storage
  • High-quality Environmental Protection Material: The whole body of the racket is made of high-quality ABS plastics
  • Rechargeable Stand and Holder
  • Mosquito Lamp Mode – When power switch to lightbulb, the purple light will turn on and release 395- 400 mm wave lengths which will attract the mosquitos. When outdoors, put the zapper on the holder and it will attract the bug. 
  • Built-in lithium ion battery. Compact size with a capacity up to 1200mAh.
  • Daytime & Nighttime Use- includes a built in LED light
  • Includes a Mobile Phone Holder
  • Powerful and Long battery Life

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  • Brand: Anatomic Elements
  • Assembly Required: No
  • Dimensions: 8.66" L x 3.34" W x 20.86" H
  • Weight: 0.77lbs.
  • Manual(s) Included: Yes
  • Care Instructions: Do not touch the metal net surface with hand or handheld metal objects. Do not use it as a toy for children. Do not use near flammable gas or liquids, do not use metal and other conductive materials in the metal mesh it may cause a spark. Do not use in barns, cabins, or similar places with animals or electric sensitive structures. When not in use, turn the power switch to the "OFF" position. Do Not Rinse with water or wipe with a wet towel. Keep electric mosquitoes dry so as not to damage the electronic component. Please charge the battery when it runs out, don't use it when the product is not charged. If not used consistently, make sure to at least recharge the battery for about 4 hours every three months to preserve the battery life. Please do not beat other hard objects, so as not to damage the metal mesh surface.
  • Country of Origin: China

Vendor Warranty Terms: Limited Lifetimewarranty@anatomicelements.comYour Anatomic Elements product is backed by a limited lifetimemanufacturer's warranty. Anatomic Elements will repair or replaceyour device at any time should it fail due to a defect in material orworkmanship, subject to the certain limitations.This limited warranty does not cover any damage that results fromunauthorized or improper use, service, or repair. Further, it does notcover damage caused by accident, impact, negligence, or normal wearand tear. Should you discover your Anatomic Elements product isnot functioning properly, please send your device to our repair centerfor evaluation. If your product cannot be repaired or serviced, we willreserve the right to change it for a similar or newer note that a flat rate of $11.00 will be charged to cover a serviceevaluation fee and return shipping of your device. All warranty claimsmust be accompanied by a copy of your proof of purchase from anauthorized retailer. Please send your device, proof of purchase, and acheck or money order in the amount of $11.00 made out to AnatomicElements to: Anatomics Elements Service Center 3069 Taft St,Hollywood, FL 33021

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