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Who needs a weather report from the news when you've go your own weather station in your own backyard? Complete with wind indicator, thermometer, rain gauge and even a solar lantern to light up the yard at night, this all-in-one weather station is for those who love the weather and love to keep track of it. Oh, and it makes for a nice looking piece for your outdoor landscape as well!

Weather Station Solar Light Details

  • Stake anchors easily anywhere in your yard
  • 5 ft. tall
  • Made with durable iron and plastic
  • Built-in solar recharging 'AA' Ni-MH 600mAh battery
  • Wind direction arrow
  • Spinning Anemometer
  • Handy rain gauge
  • Thermometer (F or C)
  • Measures temperature (-40° F to 120° F), rainfall ( 0 to 4.5"), snowfall (0 to 24")
  • Medium level of assemble - about 5 minutes
  • Made in China

What's Included

  • Weather station light
  • Wind spinner
  • Directional fins
  • Rain gauge
  • Thermometer
  • Optional snow gauge sticker


  • 9-1/2"W x 60"H
  • 1.4 lbs

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