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This set helps exfoliate and removes facial hair to help improve the appearance of the surface of your skin and enable flawless application of makeup and topical creams. You're getting four Flawless DermaPlanes - two long for large areas, and two small for areas that require more precision. Flawless DermaPlanes are made with stainless steel blades that boast a ridged safety-guard design to protect your skin, and soft-grip handles for precision control. Each Flawless DermaPlane includes safety covers that protect the blades. Dermaplaning is effective as facial exfoliation and helps rid the face of excess fine hairs (peach fuzz) which can trap dirt and oil, and give skin a dull look. Keep your face fresh with this set!

Facial Razor Set Includes

  • Two Long Flawless Dermaplane Blades with safety cover
  • Two Small Flawless Dermaplane Blades with brush safety cover

Facial Razor Set Benefits

  • Instantly and painlessly exfoliates and removes peach fuzz without having to wax or laser
  • Helps skin appear healthier, brighter, and have a smoother look and feel
  • Soft grip handles for precision control
  • Stainless steel blades with ridged safety guards to help protect your skin
  • Recommended for exfoliation and hair removal on chin, forehead, cheeks and above the upper brow and upper lip area
  • Made in China

Please see the Usage tab for how to use information.

How To Use

1. To begin, thoroughly wash and dry your face. The Flawless Dermaplane is for dry use only.

2. Select a clean Flawless Dermaplane for each use. Depending on the area, choose either the Long Precision Blade for larger areas, or the Short Precision Blade for smaller areas.

3. For best results, hold skin taut and use short, light strokes and gently skim across skin. Do NOT press the Flawless Dermaplane down into the skin. No pressure should be used. Only pass over the same area once during each use.

After Use: 1. If skin is sensitive after use, cleanse your face with a gentle, non-acid cleanser.

2. Do not use lotion or makeup immediately after using your Flawless Dermaplane. Wait overnight before applying to avoid clogging pore.

Please note: Do not use on skin that is experiencing any irritation including dryness, acne, sunburn, psoriasis, eczema, diabetes, circulatory or bleeding disorders. Avoid lips, nose, ears and eyes. Do not use if you have had a recent facial procedure. Not to be used for elimination of scars or tattoo removal. Never slide along the skin in the same direction as blade or it could cut the skin.

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