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Introducing a new way to clean your ears. The Smart Swab uses soft, spiral-grooved tips that are designed to extract ear wax with an easy, simple twist. Good for one use only and one tip per ear, the Smart Swab tips feature a touch free replacement. Use your cotton swabs to clean other things and switch to Smart Swab.


  • Smart Swab Handle
  • 48 Disposable Tips
  • Storage Case


PP: 82.11%, TPR: 12.91%, ABS: 4.98%

Please Note

Do not use while moving. Do not flush used tip down toilet. Store handle in protective case when not in use. Do not reuse or wash tips. These tips are good for one-time use only (one per ear canal). Reusing tips may cause infection or ear damage. If you wish, you may clean the Smart Swab handle with warm soapy water and dry thoroughly before storing. This product should not be used by children under the age of 12. This product should not be used on individuals with ear tubes. Do not use if you experience pain, discomfort, hearing loss, pressure, or bleeding. Smart Swab should not be used in the following situations without a Physician's supervision - individuals suffering from Meniere's Syndrome or experiencing any form of dizziness, vertigo, hardness of hearing or other ear problems. Individuals with ear infections, individuals with tubes in their ears. Individuals who have had mastoid surgery. Individuals with current or previously perforated ear drums. DO NOT POKE, JAB, OR FORCE SMART SWAB INTO YOUR EAR. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT FOR DEEP EAR CANAL INSERTION. EAR WAX IS PRODUCED NEAR THE ENTRANCE OF THE EAR CANAL, KNOWN AS THE OUTER EAR CANAL. IMPACTED EAR WAX SHOULD BE REMOVED BY A HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONAL. TURN ONLY IN DIRECTION INDICATED BY HANDLE OR ELSE SERIOUS INJURY MAY RESULT. Please read all instructions thoroughly before use.