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Monthly Deal $149.63
ShopHQ Price: $353.00
Save: $203.37 (58% off)
or 6 ValuePay : $24.94
Monthly Deal $79.18
ShopHQ Price: $229.00
Save: $149.82 (65% off)
or 6 ValuePay : $13.20
Monthly Deal $69.43
ShopHQ Price: $229.00
Save: $159.57 (70% off)
or 6 ValuePay : $11.57

Gems en Vogue Jewelry

When it comes to fashion apparel and accessories, no one style fits all, which is why ShopHQ features one-of-a-kind designers and brands. Our customers can shop around for that special piece that speaks to their unique style. Gems en Vogue is the perfect example of one such boutique that’s sure to become your new go-to collection. Favorite on-air guest and skilled gemologist Michael Valitutti showcases jewelry pieces by Gems en Vogue offered exclusively at ShopHQ.

In this singular selection, you’ll find elegant costume and statement jewelry in a wealth of gem designs; from bold, coral beaded necklaces to glittering multi-gem charms, and signature Michael Valitutti rings of all shapes, cuts, and sizes. Artistic and architectural masterpieces from yesteryears inspire these dazzling accessories, allowing wearers to infuse their outfits with effortless, vintage-like jewelry. Influential art movements like Art Deco and the French Renaissance inspire Valitutti’s collection, ensuring looks that are lavishly ornate and distinct. Michael Valitutti’s team of jewelry designers handset each gemstone into sterling palladium alloy with rich 18K Gold Embraced™ accents for a memorably lustrous finish.

Offered at attainable sterling silver prices, Gems en Vogue’s sterling palladium alloy utilizes a patented, tarnish-resistant formula. For strong, beautiful, and handpicked vintage gemstone jewelry pieces with surprising features, shop online today with Gems en Vogue at ShopHQ.