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Amber Jewelry

Nature has been inspiring fine jewelry for ages. One of the greatest examples of this is amber. This fossilized resin from prehistoric trees and plants results in an amazing array of shapes, colors and distinctions that jewelry lovers have long coveted. In fact, there's even a mention of amber jewelry in the 850 BC writings of Homer. ShopHQ offers an impressive array of amber jewelry in its many forms. Amber is translucent, but comes in a wide spectrum of nuanced shades, each unique and distinct. One of the most versatile materials available to jewelers, amber is an appropriate enhancement to any wardrobe. It is a fantastic choice to wear to upscale and formal events, but is also perfectly suited to casual daily wear. This versatility is also a great feature for gift buyers. Amber has been catching the discerning eyes of artists and royalty for thousands of years. This venerable material has adorned the necks of queens and fashion icons of every era. SHOPHQ Live is the best place to discover the allure of amber, or to add to your current amber collection. Regardless Suited for every style, you'll find the perfect amber jewelry at Browse this impressive selection of amber rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets today.