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Are Fossil Watches Waterproof?

Fossil is well known for their stylish and long-lasting products, such as leather wallets, handbags and accessories, as well as for their fashionable and durable timepieces. Founded in 1984, this American company is still owned in part by brothers Tom and Kosta Kartsotis. If you own a Fossil watch or are in the market to purchase one, you might have a few questions while shopping. One query which is often asked concerns Fossil watches being waterproof. Many people desire a waterproof watch, and in response, some companies will claim this feature for the sake of marketing; however, it simply isn’t so, not even for Fossil.

Is My Fossil Watch Waterproof?

To be fair, Fossil does not claim to make waterproof watches — and for good reason. To say that any timepiece is definitively waterproof is simply not correct, so instead, watch manufacturers, including Fossil, produce water resistant watches. A Fossil water resistant watch will continue working when wet; however, issues arise when the seal, which ensures water resistance, is broken. This happens when the watch is opened for a battery replacement or other repairs. Luckily, watches can be resealed to maintain that water resistance. This is why it’s a good idea to have your watch battery replaced or repaired by a trained professional or jeweler. You can even send your timepiece directly to Fossil to have it worked on.

When having your battery changed, request that the gasket is also looked at and considered for replacement. This is typically a small, rubber ring that surrounds the edge of the case or back, and provides a barrier from water entering the watch. Over time, gaskets can break down. They can also stretch out or snap when the watch is opened. Either way, it should be checked and potentially replaced each time the watch is opened. You can also have the watch checked in a water pressure testing machine after it is repaired and closed back up. This will ensure the Fossil watch is safe near water once again.

Water Resistant Fossil Watches

Of course, how you wear the watch in water will depend on its abilities to be submerged. Fossil watches marked “water resistant” will also provide a depth reading. This may include “50 meters”, “100 meters”, “150 meters” and more. These ratings are an excellent indication of just how “waterproof” a Fossil watch can be. A piece that is listed at 50 meters is OK to get splashed (while washing your hands, for example). The watch should also be fine if accidentally submerged for a short period of time. At 100 meters, you can wear your Fossil watch while swimming or snorkeling. At 150 meters, you can wear your Fossil watch while scuba divin

Are All Fossil Watches Water Resistant?

With water resistant Fossil watches, you don’t have to sacrifice design for the features you require. Not all, but the majority of their watches are water resistant. Best of all, Fossil watches for men and women are offered in countless stylish designs matched with high quality parts and assembly. When shopping for a new Fossil watch, take care when considering just how water resistant you need it to be, and look for a timepiece that matches that rating.