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Pre-Owned Rolex FAQ

How do I know the watch is real?

Swiss Crown USA is the leader in pre-owned Rolex watches. Each watch we sell is authenticated as shown on the Gemworld report that accompanies every watch. We use a five-step authentication process which includes SW-21 Swiss Watch experts. We have never had a watch returned due to inauthenticity.

Where do you source your watches from?

Swiss Crown USA sources watches from reputable vetted dealers that have been working with us for many years and in some cases have been in the business for generations.

Does it come with original Rolex papers?

No. Each watch comes with a Gemworld Report describing the characteristics of the watch. Very few pre-owned Rolexes come with original papers.

Does the Swiss Crown USA Pre-owned Rolex come with a warranty?

Yes. Each watch comes with a two-year limited warranty from Swiss Crown USA. The warranty and customer service contact information is detailed on page 15.

Are all the parts original?

Every part in the movement is an original Rolex part. This includes the serialized case, bracelet, and dial plate. Any aftermarket parts, such as VS clarity diamonds or crystals are disclosed on the Gemworld Report. Using aftermarket parts is similar to putting new wheels on your car.

Will Rolex service the watch?

No. Rolex has a strict policy of not servicing a Rolex if it was not bought by an authorized Rolex dealer or if someone other than Rolex has serviced the watch.

What about an appraisal?

Have your guest contact us and we can provide an appraisal for insurance purposes for free.

Why should I just buy a pre-owned Rolex on the internet?

Buyer beware! The internet is the wild, wild West of pre-owned luxury products. It is hard to authenticate the watch and there is little or no warranty after the sale. Purchasing a pre-owned Rolex online would eliminate any personal service or education that an authorized Swiss Crown USA retailer would provide.