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Alligator Strap

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AS IS Price $899.99
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The Truth About Alligator Straps

Yikes, that title sounds a little foreboding, even to us, but we promise that this isn’t going to be doom and gloom. Honestly, the truth is that we love a high-class, luxury strap to keep us feeling like the fashionistas we are - even when we’re just wearing a watch. Especially when we’re wearing a watch. We’re talking seriously exquisite pieces here. An alligator strap is one thing, but once you have a look at our full selection, you’ll see that it’s not the only stand-out part of the watches we have grouped in this little corner of the website.

Found in southern parts of the United States, we love an alligator strap on our watch because they have a hide that is supple, durable and generally a little softer than crocodile. There’s something beautiful about the scaly details and the elegant feel. Again, with our super classic look, we find that watches with an alligator strap go incredibly well with diamond accents, mother-of-pearl dials or even a darling pearl necklace. After all, isn’t luxury something we all aspire to experience?

So, here’s the truth: an alligator strap, while on the expensive side, is well worth the cost. The sheer elegance you exude when you wear it around to your wrist is indescribable.