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Ouro Verde

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Ouro Verde Rings Worth “Oohing” and “Aahing” Over

You’re the type to really amp up your outfit with bold and becoming jewelry. We get it – we totally do the same thing! We love nothing more than a pop of color from an accessory that really brings an outfit to life. For instance, an ouro verde ring can truly pull your look together in an instant. How so? Well, let us do you the honors.

Ouro verde is a type of quartz found Brazil and actually means “green gold” in Portuguese. This gorgeous gem’s name comes from its color – an intense chartreuse hue with yellow highlights. Today, most ouro verde is made by heat-treating amethyst or yellow quartz, which gives this transparent stone its pale, golden-green color.

We’re big fans of ouro verde, partly because the color reminds us of a lemon-lime flavored candy or summer treat from our childhood. Don’t you agree? Also because ouro verde gems are so bright and vivid that they truly make a “citrusy” splash and an incredible impression on your look.

Might we note that if you like ouro verde, you also might like a citrine ring or a prasiolite ring too if you want to stay in the yellow or green color families. Wear one of these rings with a pair of white skinnies, a flowy sky blue shirt with a fedora on your head and you’ve got yourself one killer outfit! Don’t mind us over here just “oohing” and “aahing” over your knock-out style.