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Tiger Eye/Tiger Iron

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Step Out of Your Comfort Zone with a Tiger’s Eye Pendant

Navigating the jewelry jungle can be an overwhelming and tricky adventure, but it doesn’t have to be. Thankfully you have us here to help! You’re looking for a phenomenal pendant with a gorgeous gemstone that you don’t already have in your jewelry collection. You love a dazzling diamond pendant and a great turquoise pendant but you want to expand your horizons. We fully support you!

Tiger’s eye, a common form of brown quartz, features parallel stripes and lustrous colors in striking shades of light or dark brown. This gem has the property of chatoyancy, which means that when it’s cut into a cabochon form, it can shine with only a small ray of light on the surface – similar to the eyes of a cat. So fierce!

Years ago, Roman soldiers wore Tiger’s eye for protection in battle and the stone is said by some to enhance courage and bring about physical strength. Tiger’s eye is said to help strengthen confidence, willpower and convictions, which in turn can help people accomplish their goals, help increase their wealth and help achieve a joyful outlook. We don’t know about you, but we like the sounds of that!

So, are you on board yet? We think you should sport a Tiger’s eye pendant with a marvelous matching ring for a stylish look. It’s about time to step out of your jewelry comfort zone, girlfriend!