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Steeletto™ at EVINE Live

Unwavering Style – Steeletto Pendants

We all wear rings and earrings and bracelets, but they’re so ingrained in our everyday wardrobe routine. If you’re ready to give your everyday style an edge, a Steeletto pendant is the way to do it. Designed in stainless steel that’s both detailed and durable, a new pendant might just mean a new you.

And we’ve got to be honest, we love what a pendant does for any outfit. Decorating your neckline, it’s the perfect piece to keep everyone’s focus right on you, up by your face, up where all the action is. Whether your pendant boasts the first initial of your name, has a charm attached to it, or matches your favorite Steeletto earrings, it swings into the spotlight like no other accessory can.

And while you’re strutting through your schedule, why not invite other pieces to the party? You can’t have a pendant without a necklace and you wouldn’t want to leave out your fingers either, so go ahead and scroll through Steeletto’s rocking ring selection, too. Oh, and don’t take that shine for granted – keep your Steeletto jewelry safe and sound at the end of the day with a jewelry box.