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NYC II Pendants – Find Your Aesthetic

When you’re getting ready for the day and picking out accessories from your assortment of fine jewelry, you’re basically crafting your visual style narrative and showing the world your personal aesthetic. Let NYC II help influence your fashion story with this elegant and eclectic collection of pendants. Each design sparkles with exquisite color and allows you to show off the qualities that make you so sophisticated, special and downright lovable.

As you scroll through these dazzling pendants, you may find anything from something that’s classic to something that’s totally charming and unexpected. Maybe you like changing up your looks and prefer to exude the many things you love in life. Try a floral pendant with twinkling tanzanites or smoldering rubies. It could tell your friends and family you love the beauty of nature or it may simply match perfectly with your adorable personality.

Then tomorrow you can put on that abstract pendant with chrome diopsides and let your modern side show. Or if you tend to lean towards styles that feature a simple, yet elegant creation, there are many options with a single oval or pear cut gemstone such as sapphire within a halo of white topaz gemstones. You can wear it with many items in your closet and it can become your go-to staple piece.