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Make Way for Malachite Pendants

Move over, boring jewelry. It’s time to make room in your jewelry box for a marvelous malachite pendant! You can say goodbye to those gaudy rings and necklaces from your great aunt who so doesn’t know your style – even though she’s a sweet lady! Besides the minimalist trend is all the rage right now anyways. Am I right?

You want your jewelry collection to have purpose and intention. You want to keep pieces that you won’t get tired of – like a malachite pendant, for instance. Malachite is a gorgeous green stone that features light and dark banded areas. We weren’t the first to become big fans of it – the ancient Egyptians have us beat there. They started mining it a long, long time ago, back in 4000 BC to be exact. I guess you could say they could say knew a good thing from the start!

Malachite is considered by some to be a guardian stone for travelers. It’s often worn to signal danger and is believed, by some, to break into pieces when danger is close. Some believe that malachite has the ability to help calm people’s nerves. It might be a good idea to wear a malachite necklace on your next outdoor trip!