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A Violet Eye for Iolite Pendants

Now you see it, now you don't… this iolite pendant appears to be a magic trick - looking purple at one angle, blue at another and then completely colorless at a third glance. But trust us, iolite is the real deal when it comes to gemstones. There are no illusions or trickery going on, that's just how the stone is. It's pleochroic, meaning that it shows different colors from different directions. Not only is this unique, but it was also very useful for Viking explorers back in the day, who used the stone as a compass to determine the position of the sun while out in the Atlantic Ocean.

It might look super intriguing, but the stone makes a gem cutter's job a little challenging. If iolite is not cut from precisely the right direction, its color will not show properly. When cut correctly, the stone is usually a violet blue.

Iolite is actually considered to be a newer gemstone, first found in 1996 in Palmer Creek, Wyoming by American geologist W. Dan Hausal. The largest iolite was found just south of there, weighing 24,000 carats! That's a whole lot of iolite, and no that wasn’t a magic trick either!

The word iolite comes from the Greek word ios meaning violet. Some believe that the gem aids in getting good sleep and helps to unlock creativity.

Iolite is also often cited as the twenty-first wedding anniversary gemstone. Don't forget, husbands like jewelry too, so check out our selection of men's jewelry. Pair your iolite pendant with a pretty printed top or play off the purple/blue hues with some matching eyeshadow. No matter what you wear this stone with you'll be truly impressed.