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Hematite Pendants – Embracing the Softer Side of Iron

Imagine a world without iron and steel. We've tried wooden cars in the past – they were called wagons and most humans, horses and mules were glad when we started transitioning more towards the automobile. And what would you cook with? Wooden pans just "wooden't" work. Iron transformed the world in many incredible ways. And where did a whole bunch of that iron come from? You guessed it – hematite.

People take iron ore from hematite. Iron ore becomes steel. Steel becomes cars, cooking pans, computer parts, building frames, clothesline poles, bracelets, wactches, major appliances and so many other remarkable things. In the midst of all the industry, some creative person polished up a chunk of hematite and realized the beauty of its icy cool grey tone and marvelous metallic luster. Humans - amazing when they have their act together, right?

At some point, one of those ingenious beings took that polished rock and plunked it in a pendant. It was probably a great day. A hematite pendant adds a totally unique touch to your everyday style. Relying on that earthy allure to create the drama, hematite pendants pair particularly well with hues in the family of blue. So put on your favorite frock, layer in a hematite pendant and celebrate some of the good things about being a human.