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Epic Ammolite Pendants: A Gem of Prehistoric Proportions

With a texture like dragon scales and a blend of color like mage fire, the ammolite is truly unique and almost as rare as a unicorn. So what exactly is this mystifying wonder? Basically, ammolite is fossilized mother-of-pearl from a Cretaceous squid-like animal called an ammonite, which is mined primarily out Alberta, Canada. Since it's a fossil, the stone is highly valued. Fun fact: it wasn't even recognized as a gemstone until 1981!

Its name is derived from the ram-headed Egyptian god of life, Ammon, because the shape of the ammonite shell resembled the god's horns. With a stained glass effect with hues ranging from red to green to blue, each stone is its own individual rainbow. Not only does it have a unique history but a unique taxonomy. It's placed in the same gem family as pearls, coral and amber in a special category known as biogenic gemstones, or, stones that are products of living organisms. Remember what we said about unicorns? Its formation means that whatever you get is yours and only yours. No other stone will look quite like it and its equal will never be seen again. So wear it on your finger, drape a pendant over your neck or wrap it around your wrist. Pretend you're a wizard. That's the magic of ammolite!