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Ouro Verde

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You'll Be Saying "Oooooh" for Ouro Verdo Necklaces

Translating to ‘green gold’ in Portuguese, ouro verde is a type of quartz found exclusively in Brazil. Its name is derived from its color, which is a vivid chartreuse hue with yellow highlights. Not quite as grass green as prasiolite or even peridot, its distinct yellow-green color is sure to stand out in your gem collection. A splash of sunshine and energy! Well, a little green-ish sunshine. Nothing wrong with that.

You know how there are those crayon colors that are yellow-green? Ouro verde is kind of like that; it features a bit of each color. But it’s really just one unique crayon, not the five others that feature colors that look exactly the same. We don't need all those crayons, come on. Like any gemstone, you'll see slight variations in hue, depending on treatment and even which color metal it's set into. It makes a lovely accent on two-tone gold pieces, but can't you see it gleaming on yellow gold, too? So nice.

Here's a comparison: you've got salsa verde, queso blanco and guacamole on your plate - all ready for your nachos or tacos. Delicious. Put ouro verde, quartz and peridot together in your jewelry box and make a dish of delicious gems. Too far? You get it. Start with our ouro verde necklaces and see what kind of beautiful dish you can create.