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Tsavorite Earrings, Chapter One

Tsavorite was discovered in the late 60's. In gem terms, that practically makes it brand new! It's also only found in a few very specific areas - not unlike its neighbor, tanzanite. In fact, when it was first discovered in Tanzania, exporting it was out of the question. Eventually another deposit was located in Kenya, however, and that got things moving and stones entering the hands of jewelers. The novelty and rarity of tsavorite mean its story is still being written - and you get to be a part of it! The gorgeous green of this gemstone is perfect for jewelry, but it's hard to find larger stones (with the exception of a couple palm-sized pieces that exist, but try working that into an outfit).

Still, this makes earrings a magnificent way to display your tsavorite discovery. When they're framing your face, a little gem goes a long way. You can let them bounce invitingly as drops or keep them close with studs. Their rich green pairs wonderfully with both lighter and darker gems, whether on the same piece or as part of an outfit. Think bracelets of all types, or a swoopy Y necklace. Of course, there's always the option of just matching tsavorite with more tsavorite - say in a ring?

However you decide to complement these earrings, remember that you're part of a gem-studded story in its earliest chapters.