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Spessertite Earrings: Smoldering Drops of Color to Light up Your Lobes

You're not alone in thinking that spessertite is a cool name. I mean, consider the name spessertite compared to quartz? It's not even a contest. You've got three e's, three s's and two t's – you don't see that every day. If this was a certain wheel-based gameshow, you'd be raking in the bucks with a word like that. Although the cost of the vowels would start to add up if you found you needed them. Anyway, I should probably talk more about spessertite earrings.

So here we go. Spessertite is a member of the garnet family, kind of like ruby is an affiliate of the sapphire crew. It gets its name from the German Spessart Mountains where an occurrence of the gemstone was discovered a number of years ago. They were eventually discovered in other locations including Nigeria and Namibia. The stone can show up as red or blackish brown, but most commonly can be found in rich golds, fiery oranges and warmer browns.

So if you're considering a whole new look or just a new color of accessory to re-energize some favorite existing ensembles, consider spessertite earrings. In fact, just scroll up and take a look at what we have to offer. It'll certainly be more exciting than quartz, right?